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What Is Residential General Contractors Insurance?

General contractors manage the construction of a new building or renovation to an existing building. They are in charge of the entire project from initial clearing and excavation of the land to finishing the final structure. You have a lot on your shoulders when you are a general contractor. Whether you're building houses or larger project, you may have subcontractors working for you, and they, in turn, have subcontractors working for them. Each sub has a specialty, from plumbing to roofing to framing, and the list goes on.

With all of this activity, you need good general contractor insurance to protect yourself against financial loss. Park & Associates can obtain general contractor insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies so you can find a competitive rate and provide adequate protection for your business. You want to get general contractor insurance quotes that are specific to residential contractors. Your residential contractor insurance varies based on the size and value of your project and the number of subcontractors.

Which Types Of General Contractor Insurance Are Available?

Some of the most common policies needed by contractor professionals include the following:

  • General Liability Insurance: Could cover liability costs if individuals unassociated with your business experience injury or property damage on your worksite.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Also called errors and omissions insurance, this policy could protect you from third-party claims of error and/or negligence.
  • Commercial vehicle Insurance: Could cover any business-owned vehicles or personal vehicles used on behalf of a business and the associated liability of such use. This can include cars, trucks, vans, etc.
  • Builder’s Risk Insurance" Could cover property damage on worksites while under construction, which may also include theft of construction materials prior to installation.
  • Workers Compensation: Could compensate employees who are injured on the job for medical expenses and partial wage replacement
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